Company Background

Founder and CEO of Apex Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Inc. is an American expat, Gerald L. White. One of his cornerstones of a successful strategic approach to growth is introducing a focused medical education campaign to fill gaps in the way at-risk patients are diagnosed and managed, to align proven evidenced-based approaches from first world countries.

Mr. White honed his leadership skills and business acumen as a United States Marine Corps Officer, and medical device sales and pharmaceuticals.  He worked his way through the ranks of pharmaceuticals through various positions (sales; HMO and government accounts; training; marketing; and various sales leadership positions and departments) to fully understand the integrated healthcare system (hospitals; clinics; physician practices; patient matters; pharmacy role; and insurance/HMO roles and partnering).  After more than 16 years in the medical device and pharmaceutical corporate roles, he decided to become an entrepreneur and start a medical device business internationally.

Company History

Founded: February 2017

Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) approval in the Philippines: March 2, 2017

Why we exist?

The market approach used allowed for early and fast adoption of Apex Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Inc. products with its customers without costing them any money upfront.  As a result, several hundred patients monthly are being properly tested for the life threatening and altering disease of hypertension, and/or arrhythmias. The Apex Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Inc. leadership team gathered the support of one of the largest HMOs in the country before launching their promotional efforts. Regular meetings with the CEO of this HMO, and President of a large chain of clinics, helped further the relationship and assurance of an aligned approach to saving lives and unnecessary healthcare expenses.

The HMO’s senior leaders realize that saving money on costly complications associated with chronic diseases like hypertension is smart business for them, employers, and patients.  Diagnosing and providing a prevention and wellness approach to managing these types of diseases is a key cornerstone to saving healthcare expenditures for all stakeholders. Employers recognize that it is too costly to have an unhealthy population of employees who often miss too many days of work, and cost the organization directly and indirectly.  The BPO industry has taken a very pro-active approach to addressing this issue by providing an avenue for their employees to have annual and/or executive checkups annually.

As a result of the growth in 24-hour ABPM and holter business, Apex Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Inc. has added ankle-bracial index(ABI) to the portfolio, and  spirometers (lung test). Opportunities became available to add therapeutic products to manage the chronic diseases of hypertension, diabetes, and COPD, matching the strategic focus of the company. One key strategic focus is to provide solutions for identifying and managing at-risk patients for complications associated with the 3 chronic diseases Apex Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Inc. products diagnose, and/or manage.